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Current Program

The Council’s current scientific program consists of seven program area committees (PACs), an advisory panel, and an ad hoc committee:




  CC 1

Radiation Protection Guidance for the United States >

John D. Boice, Jr.
Kenneth R. Kase

  CC 2 Meeting the Needs of the Nation for Radiation Protection >

Richard E. Toohey
John D. Boice, Jr.
Kathryn H. Pryor


Basic Criteria, Epidemiology, Radiobiology, and Risk >

Kathryn D. Held
Gayle E. Woloschak
  SC 1-20 Biological Effectiveness of Photons as a Function of Energy > Steven L. Simon
  SC 1-21 Health Effects of Low Doses of Radiation: Integrating Radiation Biology and Epidemiology >

Sally A. Amundson
Jonine L. Bernstein

  SC 1-23 Guidance on Radiation Dose Limits for the Lens of the Eye > Eleanor A. Blakely
Lawrence T. Dauer
  SC 1-24 Radiation Exposures in Space and the Potential for Central Nervous System Effects > Leslie A. Braby
Richard S. Nowakowski

Operational Radiation Safety >

Kathryn H. Pryor
  SC 2-6

Radiation Safety Aspects of Nanotechnology >

Mark Hoover
David S. Myers
  SC 2-7 Radiation Safety of Sealed Radioactive Sources > Kathryn H. Pryor

Nuclear and Radiological Security and Safety >

Tammy P. Taylor
Brooke R. Buddemeier
  SC 3-1 Guidance for Emergency Responder Dosimetry >

Stephen V. Musolino
Adela Salame-Alfie


Radiation Protection in Medicine >

James A. Brink
Donald L. Miller
  SC 4-5 Radiation Protection in Dentistry Supplement: Cone Beam Computed Tomography, Digital Imaging, and Handheld Dental Imaging >

Alan G. Lurie
Mel L. Kantor

  SC 4-7 Evaluating and Communicating Radiation Risks for Studies Involving Human Subjects: Guidance for Researchers and Reviewing Bodies > Julie E. Timins
  SC 4-8 Improving Patient Dose Utilization in Computed Tomography > M.K. Kalra

Environmental Radiation and Radioactive Waste Issues >

S.Y. Chen

Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry >

Steven L. Simon
  SC 6-8 Operation Tomodachi Radiation Dose Assessment Peer Review > John E. Till
  SC 6-9 U.S. Radiation Workers and Nuclear Weapons Test Participants Radiation Dose Assessment > Andre Bouville
PAC 7 Radiation Education, Risk Communication, Outreach, and Policy > Steven M. Becker
Paul A. Locke

Advisory Panel on Nonionizing Radiation >



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2015 Annual Meeting, Changing Regulations and Radiation Guidance: What Does the Future Hold?, was held March 16-17, 2015

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