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2015 Election Results

NCRP elected eight new members and seven returning members to Council. The election results are  >

In Memoriam

WM Beckner

William M. Beckner
Executive Director Emeritus

November 7, 1932 -  August 12, 2015

WJ Bair

William J. Bair
Distinguished Emeritus Member


Arthur C. Upton (1923–2015)
Distinguished Emeritus Member



AC Upton

Annual Meeting

NCRP 2015 Annual Meeting, "Changing Regulations and Radiation Guidance: What Does the Future Hold?" March 16-17, 2015,  Hyatt Regency Bethesda


Recorded presentations >

Session presentations  >

 Photographs >

12th Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Speaker, Kenneth R. Kase >

Presentation >


39th L.S. Taylor Lecturer, Keith F. Eckerman >

Presentation >


J Lochard

1st Thomas S. Tenforde Topical Lecture, Jacques Lochard

Presentation >

A Macfarlane

Members' Dinner Talk, Dr. Allison Macfarlane

Presentation >

Council Members in the News

NCRP President, John D. Boice, Jr., receives international recognition with 2016 International Radiation Protection Association Sievert Award. The only other American so honored was NCRP's first President, Lauriston S. Taylor in 1980 >

Distinguished Emeritus Member, Raymond A. Guilmette receives HPS 2015 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal, July 14. Sons Todd and Jeremy join Ray and his wife Patricia in Indianapolis at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society >

Council member, Joel S. Bedford, retires from Colorado State University >

The Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards (ISCORS) Medical Group including Council members Michael Boyd, Edwin M. Leidholdt, and Donald L. Miller along with Doug Fletcher and Sam Keith receive the EPA Bronze Medal ... read more >

Don Frush, John Boice, and Mahadevappa Mahesh participated in the American College of Radiology May 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington DC. The workshop was entitled "Radiation Dose Optimization Strategies in Medical Imaging with Focus on CT."

John Boice presented a Seminar on Low Dose Radiation Research at the CDC Director’s Science Seminar Series in Atlanta, March 26, 2015. [Jim Smith (former Chief, Radiation Studies Branch), John Boice, Bob Whitcomb (current Chief, Radiation Studies Branch, CDC)

Council member SY Chen participated in a meeting on the development of the IAEA Safety Guide DS474 on arrangements for the termination of a nuclear or radiological emergency that also covers the transition phase

Senior Vice President, Jerrold Bushberg, elected Fellow of the Health Physics Society >

On the 4th anniversary of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor accident, the Radiation Research Society released a 2011 video of an interview with President John D. Boice, Jr. entitled "No Threshold for Fear." >

Eleanor Blakely, Distinguished Emeritus Member, talks about her lifetime work in biophysics that began with pioneering research into the use of ion beams for hadron therapy (CERN Courier Feb 28, 2015). Read the article in it's entirety >

Brooke R. Buddemeier has Agreed to Co-Chair Program Area Committee 3 on Nuclear and Radiological Security and Safety >

Gayle E. Woloschak Appointed Co-Chair of Program Area Committee 1 on Basic Criteria, Epidemiology, Radiobiology, and Risk > 

Tammy P. Taylor Appointed Scientific Vice President of PAC 3 on Nuclear and Radiological Security and Safety >

Now Available:

NCRP Report No. 175, Decision Making for Late-Phase Recovery from Major Nuclear or Radiological Incidents >

Synopsis of NCRP Statement No. 12, Where Are the Radiation Professionals (WARP)? >

Statement No. 11, Outline of Administrative Policies for Quality Assurance and Peer Review of Tissue Reactions Associated with Fluoroscopically-Guided Interventions >

Commentary No. 23, Radiation Protection for Space Activities: Supplement to Previous Recommendations >


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2015 Annual Meeting, Changing Regulations and Radiation Guidance: What Does the Future Hold?, was held March 16-17, 2015

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