1996 Symposium

Acceptability of Risk from Radiation–Application to Human Space Flight Symposium

May 29, 1996

Objectives of the Symposium
Paul Slovic, Symposium Chair

The Space Radiation Environment
Donald E. Robbins, University Space Research Association

Biology Relevant to Space Radiation
R.J. Michael Fry, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

History of the Development of Radiation Protection Standards for Space Activities
Warren K. Sinclair, NCRP

General Discussion

Analytic Concepts for Assessing Risk as Applied to Human Space Flight
B. John Garrick, PLG, Inc.

Approaches to Acceptable Risk
Chris Whipple, ICF Kaiser

Perception and Acceptance of Risk from Radiation Exposure in Space Flight
Paul Slovic, Decision Research

General Discussion

Philosophy on Astronaut Protection: A Physician’s Perspective
Harry Holloway, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Philosophy on Astronaut Protection: Perspective of an Astronaut
Ellen Baker, NASA, Johnson Space Center

Some Comments on Space Flight and Radiation Limits
William E. Thornton, NASA, Johnson Space Center; University of Texas

General Discussion

Panel Discussion

Summary and Conclusions
Dade W. Moeller, Rapporteur, Dade Moeller & Associates

Closing Remarks
Paul Slovic, Symposium Chair

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