2016 News & Events Archive

Lens of the Eye Guidance: Next Steps Workshop

NCRP and the Greater New York Chapter Health Physics Society co-sponsored Lens of Eye Guidance-Next Steps: A Stakeholder Workshop on Implementation and Research

Held K

2016 Annual Meeting

Meeting the Needs of the Nation for Radiation Protection
April 11-12, 2016; Bethesda, Maryland.

Youtube Presentations can be viewed on the NCRP YouTube Station


R.N Hyer spoke at the NCRP Members’ Dinner


R.E. Toohey, 13th W.K. Sinclair Keynote

Poston J

J.W. Poston, Sr., 40th L.S. Taylor Lecture

In Memoriam

Bo Lindell
November 10, 2016

Gorson R Robert O. Gorson
May 9, 2016

Council Members in the News

Council members David J. Pawel and Jonine Bernstein directed the Conference on Radiation Health in conjunction with the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society in Kona HI. John Boice helped organize two symposiums in memory of our friend and long-term Council member William Morgan
Bushberg-J Senior Vice President & Chairman of the Board, Jerrold T. Bushberg, to receive Purdue University’s John Christian Distinguished Alumni Award
Coleman-N Newly elected member, C. Norman Coleman receives the 2016 Failla Award from the Radiation Research Society
NASA's Human Research Program Investigators Council members Polly Chang, John Boice, Ellie Blakely, and Larry Townsend participate in the 10th Anniversary of NASA’s Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop: Frontiers in Human Space Exploration Research in Galveston, Texas.
John Boice & Dr. Dean Smith President John Boice spends two days at the LSU Health Sciences Center, School of Public Health, as the John A. Rock, MD Scholar  [see lecture]
RL Brent Distinguished Emeritus Member, Dr. Robert L. Brent, was presented the 2015 Gustav O. Lienhard Award
Council membersJohn Boice, Wes Bolch, Mike Boyd, Don Cool, Kathy Higley, Bill Irwin, Don Miller, Bill Morgan, and Dan Stramparticipated in the ICRP 2015 committee meetings and the 3rd International Symposium in Seoul
William Kennedy and Nancy Kirner William Kennedy [SC 5-2 Chair] and Nancy Kirner [HPS President] at the opening Plenary Session on Issues of TENORM Waste at the Midyear HPS meeting in Austin, Texas, February 1, 2016

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