2015 News & Events Archive

2015 News & Events Archive
2015 Election ResultsNCRP elected eight new members and seven returning members to Council. The election results areRead MoreIn MemoriamWilliam F. Morgan December 23, 1952 – November 13, 2015 Read More William M. Beckner, Executive Director Emeritus November 7, 1932 – August 12, 2015 Read More William J. Bair Distinguished Emeritus Member Read More Arthur C. […]
SC 6-9: U.S. Radiation Workers and Nuclear Weapons Test Participants Radiation Dose Assessment
Description NCRP is coordinating an expansive epidemiologic effort entitled the One Million U.S. Persons Study of Low Dose Radiation Health Effects (Million Person Study) (MPS). The primary aim of the MPS is to provide scientifically valid information and improve precision on the level of radiation risk when exposures are received gradually over time, and not […]
SC 1-20: Biological Effectiveness of Low Linear-Energy Transfer Radiation as a Function of Energy
Members only Description The dependence of biological effectiveness on energy is an unresolved question in evaluating the risk of human cancer from exposure to low linear-energy transfer (LET) radiation (i.e., photons and electrons). This dependence is relevant for estimating the level of cancer risk from exposure to low-LET radiation at lower energies in mammography, other […]
CC 1: Radiation Protection Guidance for the United States
Description The previous set of basic radiation protection recommendations produced by NCRP was Report No. 116, Radiation Protection Guidance for the United States (1993). Since 1993, substantial advances in radiation effects knowledge, as well as radiation protection understanding and culture, have occurred. New knowledge has been obtained on radiation effects at doses lower than apparent […]
March 2005 News
NCRP Annual Meeting The NCRP Forty-First Annual Meeting, Managing the Disposition of Low-Activity Radioactive Materials, was held on March 30–31, 2005, at the Crystal Forum, Arlington, Virginia. This meeting focused on contemporary issues of national interest in managing the disposition of low-activity radioactive materials. The meeting was timely in light of ongoing regulatory efforts to […]