NCRP Report 97

NCRP Report No. 97, Measurement of Radon and Radon Daughters in Air


NCRP Report No. 97 describes measurement techniques appropriate for the assessment of radon and radon daughters in both occupational and environmental situations. Information on the properties of radon is presented, with emphasis on those properties that are important in developing proper methods of measurement. Strategies for measurement in most typical situations are detailed and the methods appropriate to particular situations are described. Calibration, standardization and quality control are emphasized. Major sections of the Report treat physical properties of radon and its decay products, distribution of uranium, thorium, radium and radon in the environment, radon emanation and transport, measurement of individual decay products, measurement of potential alpha energy concentration, radon flux measurements, and calibration, standardization and quality assurance. The critical level and lower limit of detection are treated in an appendix as are units and conversion factors, and a glossary.

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Last modified: June 1, 2015