NCRP Reports 123

NCRP Report No. 123, Screening Models for Releases of Radionuclides to the Atmosphere, Surface Water, and Ground


NCRP Report No. 123, a two-volume report, seeks to meet the need for simple, authoritative, screening techniques to address release of radioactive materials to the environment. The techniques provided can be employed to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards for release of radionuclides to the atmosphere, surface water or ground. The Report provides the derivation of screening models for radionuclide releases, and covers, in addition to transport models for releases to the atmosphere and water, the matter of usage factors which relate to the consumption of contaminated drinking water and food by humans. The Report provides work sheets that allow the user to easily carry out a screening process for a proposed release via a few multiplicative calculations using a minimum of site-specific data and decisions.

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Last modified: June 1, 2015