NCRP Reports 124

NCRP Report No. 124, Sources and Magnitude of Occupational and Public Exposures from Nuclear Medicine Procedures


NCRP Report No. 124 begins with a discussion of the public significance of exposures resulting from nuclear medicine. The Report provides a brief overview of the procedures used in diagnosis and treatment of various conditions, and it also covers radioimmunoassay techniques. This is followed by a review of the concept of risk from radiation exposures. Included is a brief review of radiation effects with particular emphasis on effects from exposure to low levels of radiation. The subject of radiation exposure to individuals involved in preparing radiopharmaceuticals for administration to patients is followed by a review of exposures of others who may provide care to the nuclear medicine patient or who may be exposed incidentally. Finally, there is a discussion of radiation safety procedures to be observed when providing care to a patient hospitalized after receiving a therapeutic administration of radiopharmaceuticals.

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Last modified: June 1, 2015