NCRP Reports 138

NCRP Report No. 138, Management of Terrorist Events Involving Radioactive Material


NCRP Report No. 138 on Management of Terrorist Events Involving Radioactive Material is 232 pages with 13 sections, eight appendices, a glossary, list of acronyms, conversions of conventional and International System of dosimetric quantities, and references. The Report’s main emphasis is on guidance to “first responders” and “emergency medicine personnel” that would be involved in the management of terrorist events involving radioactive material. The sections of the report are: 1. Introduction (4 pages), 2. Considerations Impacting Response (7 pages) , 3. Characteristics and Consequences of Terrorist Incidents that Involve Radioactive Material (15 pages), 4. Medical Management of Radiation Casualties (26 pages), 5. Psychosocial Effects of Radiological Terrorist Incidents (16 pages), 6. Command and Control (4 pages), 7. Public Communication (12 pages), 8. Dose Limitations and Guidance (16 pages), 9. Radiological Consequence Management Considerations (15 pages), 10. Planning and Critical Resources (6 pages), 11. Training and Qualifications for Personnel Providing Support in a Radiological Disaster (11 pages), 12. Research and Development Needs (3 pages), and 13. Summary and Recommendations (4 pages). The following appendices then follow: A. Medical Aspects of Radiation Injury (5 pages), B. Current Command and Control Policies and Structures (9 pages), C. Current Federal Communications Policy and Plans (4 pages), D. Sample Joint Information Center Checklist (2 pages), E. Sample Pre-Prepared Public Information Statements (16 pages), F. Federal and State Resources for Emergency Response and Planning Assistance (7 pages), G. Examples of Tables of Contents for a City Plan for Emergency Response (2 pages), and H. Training Under the Domestic Preparedness Program (7 pages).

Note: The NCRP believes that a copy of this report belongs in every hospital and with every emergency response organization at all levels of government in the nation. In addition, in the interest of public awareness, a copy of this report should be in every library in the nation.

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Last modified: June 1, 2015