NCRP Reports 147

NCRP Report No. 147,Structual Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities


The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) announces the publication of NCRP Report No. 147, Structural Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities. The Report presents recommendations and technical information related to the design and installation of structural shielding for facilities that use x rays for medical imaging.

The purpose of structural shielding is to limit radiation exposure to employees and members of the public. The information supersedes the recommendations that address such facilities in NCRP Report No. 49, Structural Shielding Design and Evaluation for Medical Use of X Rays and Gamma Rays of Energies Up to 10 MeV, which was issued in September 1976.

NCRP Report No. 147 includes a discussion of the various factors to be considered in the selection of appropriate shielding materials and in the calculation of barrier thicknesses. The Report presents the fundamentals of radiation shielding, discusses “shielding design goals” for “controlled” and “uncontrolled” areas in or near x-ray imaging facilities, and defines the relationship of these “goals” to the NCRP effective dose limits for radiation workers and members of the public. The Report includes a detailed discussion of the recommended shielding design methodology for x-ray imaging facilities, and provides an extensive collection of shielding data and sample shielding calculations for various types of x-ray imaging facilities.

The Report is mainly intended for those individuals who specialize in radiation protection. However, it will also be of interest to architects, hospital administrators, and related professionals concerned with the planning of new facilities that use x rays for medical imaging.

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Last modified: June 1, 2015