Statement No. 1, Blood Counts

September 1954

An ad hoc committee of the National Committee on Radiation Protection was formed two years ago for the purpose of determining whether or not the use of blood count technic was necessary in the control of radiation exposure. The following statement has been prepared by the subcommittee and adopted by the National Committee:

  • Provided that radiation monitoring of personnel, and where applicable of sites, is carried out by instruments (film badges, pocket meters, etc.) in all circumstances involving potential exposure to penetrating ionization radiations, blood counts should no longer be required as a method of monitoring.
  • Blood counts as a part of pre-employment, interval and terminal examinations are good medical practice—to be done at the discretion of the medical officer in charge—but not as a part of a monitoring service.
  • Blood counts are a necessary part of the medical examination of anyone over-exposed to penetrating ionizing radiations.”
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Last modified: June 8, 2015