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Collaborating Organizations

Organizations or groups of organizations that are national or international in scope and are concerned with scientific problems involving radiation quantities, units, measurements and effects, or radiation protection may be admitted to collaborating status by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). Collaborating Organizations provide a means by which the NCRP can gain input into its activities from a wider segment of society. At the same time, the relationships with the Collaborating Organizations facilitate wider dissemination of information about the Council’s activities, interests and concerns. Collaborating Organizations have the opportunity to comment on draft reports at the time that such drafts are submitted to the members of the Council. This is intended to capitalize on the fact that Collaborating Organizations are in an excellent position to both contribute to the identification of what needs to be treated in NCRP reports and to identify problems that might result from proposed recommendations.

Special Liaison Organizations

Special Liaison relationships are established with various organizations outside of the United States that have an interest in radiation protection and measurements. This liaison relationship provides: (1) an opportunity for participating organizations to designate an individual to provide liaison between the organization and the NCRP; (2) that the individual designated will receive copies of draft NCRP reports (at the time that these are submitted to the members of the Council) with an invitation to comment, but not vote; and (3) that new NCRP efforts might be discussed with liaison individuals as appropriate, so that they might have an opportunity to make suggestions on new studies and related matters.


The Council’s activities have been made possible by the voluntary contribution of time and effort by its members and participants and the generous support of the contributing organizations.

Corporate Sponsors

The Corporate Sponsor’s Program facilitates the interchange of information and ideas, and corporate sponsors provide valuable fiscal support for the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement’s (NCRP) program.

NCRP programs are supported principally by contracts with federal agencies for specific projects, and by donations from scientific societies and commercial companies with interest in radiation issues. The NCRP has built a broad base of contributors to assure that no one group will unduly influence its activities.

What are the advantages of becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the NCRP? First, of course, is the satisfaction your organization will gain from knowing that you are contributing effectively to the development of radiation protection practices in the United States. Second will be the recognition your organization will receive by participating in this Program. Corporate Sponsors are listed in the NCRP Annual Report, in every NCRP scientific document published, and also on the NCRP website. Third, each Corporate Sponsor will receive an NCRP display plaque that will identify their organization as an NCRP Corporate Sponsor. Fourth, organizations donating funds to the NCRP will be shown on the program for the NCRP annual meeting. Once a year, Corporate Sponsors are invited to a meeting with the NCRP president for a briefing on current activities and have the opportunity to make suggestions about future activities.

Please accept this invitation to join the Corporate Sponsor Program of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements by making a fixed annual donation of $5,000.

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Last modified: June 1, 2015