Collaborating Organizations

Organizations or groups of organizations that are national or international in scope and are concerned with scientific problems involving radiation quantities, units, measurements and effects, or radiation protection may be admitted to collaborating status by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). Collaborating Organizations provide a means by which the NCRP can gain input into its activities from a wider segment of society. At the same time, the relationships with the Collaborating Organizations facilitate wider dissemination of information about the Council’s activities, interests and concerns. Collaborating Organizations have the opportunity to comment on draft reports at the time that such drafts are submitted to the members of the Council. This is intended to capitalize on the fact that Collaborating Organizations are in an excellent position to both contribute to the identification of what needs to be treated in NCRP reports and to identify problems that might result from proposed recommendations.

Current Collaborating Organizations are:

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Last modified: June 1, 2015