Report No. 055 – Protection of the Thyroid Gland in the Event of Releases of Radioiodine (1977)

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Sort Title : Report No. 55

ISBN : ISBN 0-913392-37-5

Scientific Committee :

  • EL Saenger, Chairman
  • M Eisenbud
  • RE Goldsmith
  • HS Ingraham
  • JB Stanbury
  • J Wolff

  • Consultants
  • EG Adensam
  • EC Anderson
  • HR Denton
  • BK Grimes
  • J Halperin
  • HR Maxon

Executive Summary

This Report considers the feasibility of utilizing thyroid blocking agents, as an additional option, for protection of the public in case of off-site releases. NCRP does not take any position concerning the question of utilizing thyroid blocking agents in any given situation. Rather, the purpose of this Report is to define the efficacy of such agents and the contraindications for their use, and, hence, the potential for use of thyroid blocking agents. In view of concern about the possibility of large releases of radioiodine from nuclear reactors, the use of evacuation to mitigate the consequences of such a relew ia also discussed in this Report.

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