Report No. 168 – Radiation Dose Management for Fluoroscopically-Guided Interventional Medical Procedures (2010)

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Sort Title : Report No. 168

ISBN : 978-0-9823843-6-7

Scientific Committee :

  • S Balter, Chairman
  • BA Schueler, Vice Chair
  • DL Miller, Vice Chair
  • JA Brinker
  • CE Chambers
  • KF Layton
  • MV Marx
  • CH McCollough
  • KJ Strauss
  • LK Wagner

  • Consultants
  • JF Angle
  • L Desponds
  • A Einstein
  • NJ Kleiman
  • JW Hopewell
  • M Williams

Executive Summary

This Report is focused on the use of fluoroscopic systems as a tool for guiding diagnostic and therapeutic procedures because higher radiation doses (compared to conventional radiography and fluoroscopy) are received regularly from some types of FGI procedures and occasionally from many other types of FGI procedures. Other medical applications of fluoroscopy (e.g., examination of the gastrointestinal system, guiding open surgical procedures) are outside the scope of this Report. Computed-tomography-guided interventional (CTGI) procedures are not discussed in detail due to continuing changes in the technology driven by the evolution of multi-slice computed tomography (CT) detectors. However, the principles presented in this Report are generally applicable to these domains. Most of the recommendations contained in this Report should be applied in all settings where fluoroscopic guidance is used.

Within the context of radiation dose management, the goal of this Report is to supply information that helps optimize patient outcomes without compromising worker safety. However, radiation is not the only risk to which patients and workers are exposed. In many cases, radiation is a minor component of overall risk. In these situations, too great a focus on radiation safety (e.g., the use of unnecessarily thick lead aprons) may reduce the overall safety of patients or workers.

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