Report No. 186 – Approaches for Integrating Information from Radiation Biology and Epidemiology to Enhance Low-Dose Health Risk Assessment (2020)

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Sort Title : Report No. 186

ISBN : 9781944888244

Scientific Committee :

  • R. Julian Preston, Chair
  • Werner Rühm, Vice Chair
  • Edouard I. Azzam
  • John D. Boice, Jr.
  • Simon Bouffler
  • Mark P. Little
  • Roy E. Shore
  • Igor Shuryak
  • Michael M. Weil
  • Armin Ansari, Observer
  • Marvin Rosenstein, Staff Consultant
  • Executive Summary

    The overall aim of this Report is to provide input for the development of biologically based dose-response models for radiation-induced cancers and circulatory disease that use an adverse outcome pathways and key-events approach for providing parameters for these models. These mechanistic data can be integrated with the most recent epidemiologic data to develop overall dose response curves for radiation-induced adverse health outcomes. This integration of the findings from radiation biology and epidemiology will enhance the risk assessment process by reducing uncertainties in estimated risk following exposure to low doses and low dose rates of ionizing radiation.


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