The Boice Report


January Oak Ridge, Space Exploration, and Michael


December Waste Not, Want Not
November Cells, Humans, and Bill
October Radiation in Medicine — Who’s Responsible for Protection?
SeptemberAfter the Bomb—Who Responds?
JulyICRP: A Word of Farewell
JuneBeneficial Radiation–How Much Is There?
MayFramers of the Future of Radiation Protection
April Overflowing Pipeline of Publications for NCRP in 2017
March Mallinckrodt Changed the World in 1942
February The Martian Brain
January Chernobyl at 30 and the Beebe Symposium at 12


DecemberICRP in Shenzhen
November Fukushima— Five Years After: Thyroid Cancer
October Golden Eyes
September Boice Report at 50
July Cell Phones and Rats–Should You Worry?
June A Remarkable Month for Radiation Protection–and for the USA
April May the Mass x Acceleration Be With You! NRC and RIC
March Mars Matters!
February From Oak Ridge to Indian Point Studying Workers at Nuclear Power Plants
January Where Are the Radiation Professionals and Where Are You?


December The Seoul of ICRP
November Human Health Studies and Radiation Protection
October Is TENORM the New Norm?
September LNT 101
August On the Beach with Nuclear Options
July What’s Your Acronym IQ? UNSCEAR, ISCORS, REB, ACR, CCSS, and ANS >
June The Million Worker Study— From Whence It Came >
May ICRP Main Commission Down Under
April The Rooster and Medical Radiation
March Going to Mars is More Than Curiosity
February How Low Can You Go—Learning to Live With Uncertainty
January Changing Times and Paradigms—Regulations You Might Live With


December Under the Sea with the Nuclear Navy
November Las Vegas, Radiation, and the Next Generation 
October When Bad Things Happen—Emergency Responders
September United States and the United Nations 
August Men and Women on Mars
July The Million Worker Study Comes to Oak Ridge
June ICRP Main Commission in Moscow
May The Eyes Have It
April WARP—Where Are the Radiation Professionals?
March NASA—The Final Frontier in Radiation Protection
February NCRP Board of Directors — A Team of Visionaries
January Atomic Bombs, Asbestos, and Healthy Warriors


December ICRP Main Commission Meeting and Second International Symposium, Abu Dhabi—October 2013
November Health Physics Society/Radiation Research Society Symposium New Orleans
October 2014 NCRP Annual Meeting—Bethesda, Maryland Celebrating 50 Years Since Congressional Charter in 1964
September The Veterans’ Advisory Board on Dose Reconstruction (VBDR) Serving our Atomic Veterans, 23 July 2013, 13th Meeting in Arlington, Virginia
August Low Doses in Madison—July 2013 Health Physics Society Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin
July UNSCEAR – May 2013 Meeting in Vienna, Austria
June ICRP Main Commission Meeting in Cambridge, U.K., in April 2013
May NCRP Dosimetry Committee for the Million Worker Study Oak Ridge, Tennessee, April 2013
April Fukushima Conference in February 2013
March ICRP Meets in Fukushima City in
November 2012
February DOE Worker Studies
January Study of U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Workers


December Study of Atomic Veterans Who Participated at U.S. Aboveground Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Tests, 1945–1962
November A Study of One Million U.S. Radiation Workers and Veterans a New NCRP Initiative (DOE Grant Awarded September 2012)
October 2013 NCRP Annual Meeting – Bethesda, Maryland Radiation Dose and the Impacts on Exposed Populations
September HPS Annual Meeting – July 2012 Sacramento The Times They Are A-Changin’
August ASA Radiation and Health June 2012, Kennebunkport, Maine
UNSCEAR—May 2012 Vienna Meeting
ICRP Main Commission—April 2012 Versailles Meeting
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Last modified: July 28, 2015