Commentary No. 33 – Recommendations for Stratification of Equipment Use and Radiation Safety Training for Fluoroscopy (2023)

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Sort Title : Commentary No. 33

ISBN : 9781944888343

Scientific Committee :

  • Stephen Balter, Co-Chair
  • Donald L. Miller, Co-Chair
  • Kimberly E. Applegate
  • Lisa Bruedigan
  • George D. Dangas
  • Dustin A. Gress
  • Andrew Kuhls-Gilcrist
  • Thomas L. Morgan
  • Andy Rogers
  • Kevin Wunderle

Executive Summary

In the practice of medicine, radiation safety training is necessary to protect both patients
and workers. Recommendations regarding the content and extent of this training have been
made by several organizations and professional societies, but these recommendations rarely provide detailed curricula for all staff involved in fluoroscopically guided procedures (FGP). Also, FGP include a broad variety of procedures with a wide variety of typical patient radiation doses. Most existing recommendations do not consider the content of training required for individuals involved in different kinds of FGP, nor do they provide recommendations for the type and capability of fluoroscope to be used.

The purpose of this Commentary is to define an evidence-based, radiation-related classification for FGP based on patient radiation risk; to provide radiation-related recommendations for the types of fluoroscopes suitable for each class of procedure; and to indicate the extent and content of training that ought to be provided to different categories of facility staff who might enter a room where fluoroscopy is or may be performed.

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