Report No. 169 – Design of Effective Radiological Effluent Monitoring and Environmental Surveillance Programs (2010)

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Sort Title : Report No. 169

ISBN : 978-0-9823843-8-1

Scientific Committee :

  • Bernd Kahn, Chairman
  • James D. Berger
  • John A. Glissmeyer
  • Carl V. Gogolak
  • Norbert W. Golchert
  • Richard E. Jaquish
  • Janet A. Johnson
  • Shyan K. Nair
  • John E. Till, Advisor
  • Richard Conatser, Consultant
  • Bruce A. Napier, Consultant

Executive Summary

This Report is intended to support the design and operation of integrated radiological effluent monitoring and environmental surveillance. Performing monitoring and surveillance as a combined program allows each element to contribute its own strengths, with a built-in system for checking the results of one with the results of the other. Radionuclides that are important contributors to radiation dose are often at relatively high concentration at points of release, where they can be monitored with ease and accuracy so that their concentrations at points of exposure can be estimated according to a computational model.

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